Welcome to Cards and Tags store

From small seeds, our business grew...

Cards And Tags was setup to help people overcome their daily struggles by providing a way to communicate with the world without having to repeatedly explain themselves and any conditions they may have. Our range of disabiity lanyards helps portray that message, and gives people the confidence to carry on with their lives knowing that they have a helping hand if they need it.

We range a wide variety of lanyards covering autism, hidden disabilities, adhd, aspergers, diabeties and many more. Our designs come from customers asking us to create different styles for them, and incorporate different disabilities they may have - and as such our range has continued to grow.

We offer disability bag tags, which are perfect to pop on your bag or luggage - again a friendly reminder to people and to raise that additional bit of awareness.

We also stock badges, and roleplay cards to really capture peoples imaginations and compliment childrens fancy dress outfits, or to give to a work colleague for that spirited joke you make share between you.

We arent a large business by any means, but what we are is personable, and hear to listen to your needs. Have a design idea? please contact us and we will see what we can do - creativity is our passion and together we can raise more awareness and create even more fun and laughter in what can be such a serious world at times.